Company Profile

Organic Formulations is committed to Organics as the way forward.
All product lines are formulated with the welfare of not only our customer in mind, but the environment as well. Every aspect of manufacturing is carried out in a manner that has the least impact on our surroundings. By supporting our products you are caring for yourself, your family and your home without the dangers of harmful chemicals or harsh synthetic ingredients thus improving your health while lessening the impact on our precious earth.

Our Mission: To Provide the Purest Products on the Planet

Look closer at what's in your body care

Organic Formulations is an environmentally concerned company involved in the manufacture of skin, body, hair & baby care since 1989. Now recognized worldwide as a leader in (certified) organic personal care innovation. In our organic personal care products you will find the following attributes:

No Fluoride
Sulphite Free Vegan Friendly
No Mineral Oil/Propylene Glycol
BFA-ACO Certified Organic
No Synthetic or Harmful Solvents/Derivitives
No Colors
Not Genetically Modified
Non Toxic
No Fragrances
No Industry Waste By-Products or Fillers
No Sulfate (like SLS/SLES/ALS) or Excipiants
No Pesticides, Fungicides, Germicides (...Suicides)
No Artificial Emulsifiers
No Artificial Preservatives
No Animal Products or Testing, Cruelty Free
No Additives

Certified Organic, Certified Biodynamic, Supports Fair Trade
Audited, true certification numbers for verification purposes
Forest free paper, working towards hemp-fiber plastics and vegetable inks
Recycle, Re-use, Re-think